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yeah so that thing in the previous entry worked :) thanx to lj/~piinkchalk! hehe thanx so much! so now i can post things...if ya want an icon, and ya like the kinda icons i make, just comment me and i'll be glad to make ya one :) i'll post more icons i have made probably in the next entry so you can see what kinda stuff i make...

so lets see, my dad had to go back to the hospital today, he got all this blood testing done yesterday and they got the results back today and they called and said his blood sugar was way too high, and to go to the hospital. so he went, and got admited, and he will be there for a few days. they are treatin his high blood sugar and kidney infection, cuz it hasn't gottan any better wit the medicine he has been takin all week. and since my bro is in leaves me here, at home, bored and alone...i could have ppl ova but my dad said not to, and im just sucha angel i think i will listen...well he said not to have a party, i invited steph over...just to chill cuz witout someone ima be madd bored!

basically thats been my day, i went tannin a lil earlier but i couldn't stay out there for more than ½ hour haha it was madd hot! i'll go out tomorrow probably...get my backside tan since when i went to the ocean i only tanned my frontside lol.

i still might be able to go to the blink // green day concert! i really hope i can! it would be fun...its um, wensday night i think...yeah, that sounds right. and thursday i go in 2 hours late to school for i think my dad will let me. and then a week from today is mikes party lol even if its cold we can still go swimmin cuz he has a heated pool haha..

i took out my braids this mornin, left my hair real crimpy...but its only the top thats crimpy so im gonna go take a shower and get my nice straight hair back hehe i will write probably tomorrow...let ya know what a crazii night me and steph might have...haha...cya

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