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so incredibly bored...

ugh this is so boring, no1 is here and blah, its late and im tired and i had no ride ne where tonight(pops in the hospital; bro in OC). so steph was gonna come ova...and we were gonna out wit sum ppl i havn't seen in a long time...but it didn't happen, long she was gonna get out around like midnight and pick me up cuz im madd bored but we both fell asleep, lmao. stupid then i wake up cuz i was on the couch and it was uncomfortable lol. grrr so now im stuck here alone and bored and tired haha...ima go to sleep soon anyways but still, just thought i would complain a lil b4 i do that...maybe tomorrow someone can pick me up and take me somewhere...grr if i had a fukkin

hmmm sooo thanx to laura i had this kick ass picture to make an icon outta...its the cover of 'silver side up' by nickelback...cept laura took off the words 'silver side up' and 'nickelback' for me! hehe ty laura! so i had an eye cryin silver tears and i didn't know what to i put something basic...and here it is...

pretty, huh? yah i thought so haha...i just thought the words were so basic, i wanted something like that ppl would look and be like 'wow' haha like something moving...but nothin came to me...oh well...maybe later..

for now, i'm goin to bed, im in a badddd mood...and im all lonely and no1 is up to talk n shit...i hate this..i'll write tomorrow..cya..

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