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hah i just sneezed like 20 times so i went and took sum allergy medicine..hopefully it will help. hmm yeah...

today was pretty damn boring, it was goin by so slow but heres how it went:

math: watched 'The Secret Of Nimph' or something like that...almost all the class fell asleep lol but i loved it cuz it brught back memories of when i used to watch it when i was was my teachers favorite movie growin up so thats why we watched it..

english: took more notes...god damn that exam is TOMORROW and he still has us takin notes, i mean it was like reviewing, but he gave us sum new stuff too! geezus...

german: had a sub again..we sat in silence and did work...fuck lol its so damn boring, and we couldn't talk it was like a god damn we arn't gonna have enough of them already this fuckin dumb of my teacher so assign it as independent silent work! i hate her so much lol...but our sub was rude to me n steph, kept staring at us and everytime he did steph would look at me and laugh, he was gettin SO pissed lol hahaha thats the highlight of german...

government: well b4 we started, we had to clean out our lockers and carry around all the shit we had left so my bookbag was sooo heavy cuz i lhad all this shit in my locker lol...oh well...after that, we finished watchin this thing about 9/11 i almost was SO sad..and very graphic :/ i wasn't in too good of a mood afer that..

earth science: reviewed for the final on thursday, at least it was stuff we learned already, unlike english! lol after that we watched apollo 13 cuz we had like an hour long period or something..yah..then we went to lunch and thats always funny stuff lol..too many funny things to name..

gym: took our final..i hate takin tests without desks n shit lol it sucks...anyways, i got a 90...but whataver, some of that shit was like trick after everyone was done we watched sum of us playin football cuz she taped it lolol...thats funny stuff cuz i run SOO RETARDEDLY you have no its so funny! and i was quarterback like half the time and half the time i threw...i threw it outta bounds...whoopz ;p hehe but its all good...after we watched sum and ppl got restless she finally let us go into the main gym and play sum ball! hehehehe yay! so much fun! we played 21 and 50 n shit and just shot around...i kept gettin stephed on by all the tall ppl haha and im tall myself but oh well..and i shot around wit this random guy, he was pretty good...but he rolled the ball to this hot ass kid who i think is just so damn hot...haha i don't know what it is bout him...probably that he plays bball or something but damn, i could look at him all day haha so he came out n shot but i started missin shots when he came around so i left and played sum more 21...then just sat and chilled for like 20 min...yeah and then i left lol...

and now im home...really tired n shit lol, like probably gonna gget my hair cut tonight or thursday....can't get it cut tomorrow cuz its the blink n greenday concert!!!! woo hoo! lol sam's pickin me up at 2 from school and we're goin back to her house i think...then ova to mikes...yup yup aight ima go now...i'll post after the concert if im not too tired! byeeeee :)

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