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-dies- blink 182 and green day concert....

ahhh so i went to the concert last night and it kicked ass! hehe my first concert! i love green day n blink even more day kicked so much ass lol i love them! im not gonna give a lotta details but saves the day was the opening act and they were aight, but i was just like get off the stage i want green day to come on! eventually they did and it was cool...i swear billy joe looked RIGHT AT ME haha of course everyone says that but he did! and i was like jumpin up n down and i blew him kisses and i KNOW he smiled and knodded his head right at me lol...yeah yeah you won't believe it but he did! and when we were driving away from the concert...mike, the bass player and maybe even john too...anyways...they were outside signing n sam were bout ready to jump out the car and run across tha street and jump on them! lol but i got a blink shirt and a green day one..and a program thingy that has blink in it...its cool...and yeah thats really it lol that was my night, we like slept on the way home basically and my dad picked me up from vern's a lil after 1 and i got home around but i so wasn't tired! haha i didn't fall asleep til like a lil after 3...

and then i woke up this morning at like 9:30 and i hadda be at school at 10 and i was like ahhh so i took a shower and ate and got ready fast than i ever have b4 lol and i get there right b4 the bell rang and i was SOOOO damn tired lol i was all fallin asleep during my exam! lol oh well! i did so bad on my govt exam but fuck it im sick of earth science i got a 77%...i was expecting better but its close to a B so i guess im a lil kinda pissed cuz i wanted a B but whatever..

tomorrow is gonna be an easy day...and its also the last fuckin day of school! woo hoo! i have my math and greman exam..haha SO easy lol hopefully i will get an A on both...and then school will be out! ahhh im so happy! i can't believe it...this school year went by so fast! but its a good thing...

anyways, im gonna go eat or something now..i'll write tomorrow or something!ok bye bye

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