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today was pretty good...i didn't wake up early cuz i went to bed late, again lol...oh well, so i woke up around 12ish...ate lunch cuz i wasn't in the mood for cereal..i had sum mac n cheese instead ;D thats sum good stuff lol. hmmm then i took a shower and got ready and had to go to a conseling appointment...hah everytime i say that i sound like fukked up in tha head...but nah, i just had to go cuz my parents(mostly mom) wanted me to but my conseler person says theres nothin wrong with m and she said it was pointless lol but now i go like once a month for her to checkup on me n make sure stuff with my parents is alright cuz its been messed up my whole life nope, nothin wrong with meeee...for the most part hmm so after that i went and finally got my hair cut, i like it a lot, it didn't seem like she took a lot off, but she did lol...its angled and layered and like a few inches shorter lol...i miss my long hair tho! oh well..

after that i went food shoppin wit my dad and i bought so0 much food! lol i dunno why i picked out so much food lol oh well, i'll eat it eventually...then i went to the bank, then i came home...and here i am lol.

i have suuuccch gooood news! lol its actually really pitiful but its good news for me! lol cuz i didn't do any of my work in english class basically the whole year...and i got 3 e's and 1 d on my report cards...yes, its bad...i i got a B on the midterm and a B on the final...and my guidence conseler at school convinced me i was gonna fail english and i would have to go summer school lol...but turns out, i passseeeddd! lol BARELY! but i still did...when u average everything out, u only need a .5 to pass and i got like a .9 or something...haha its a D average...its bad, but im so0 happy i don't have to go to summer school cuz it would be the whole month of july and first week of august! lol from now on im like never gonna get another summer school would suck! well im just happy i passed...

anyways, thats really all i gotta write...if ya want an icon, ya better comment me today or tomorrow...cuz my 30 day trial of psp is endin like in 2 commmmeeennntttt me! ok byeeeee..

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