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the many uses of lip qloss...

my weekend has basically been pretty boring so not much to write about. uhhh i've just stayed home and taken care of my dad, hes doin a lot better and he might be able to go back to work soon...haha its always a plus cuz we are always together and we get in fights a lot more easily that way. ummso now im just chillin bout to go get a shower and maybe go out somewhere with my dad for father's day. i feel bad cuz i don't have anything give him but i will get something today and maybe we can go to dinner and i can pay lol. i would feel all responsible then lol. hmmm..

oh and about the subject lol this is the stupidest story but i gotta put it in here lol...ok so last night(and any night for that matter)i don't go to sleep til like 2 or 3 lol and i wanna go to bed earlier so i can wake up earlier but i just like can't sleep so just lay there..and it helps when they're are no lights and i can't turn off the lights b4 i go to sleep cuz then i like walk into my top bunk lol so i have to keep the light dimmed. but then i can't fall asleep cuz the lights are dimmed and im too comfy to get up and turn it off and i woulda want to anyway cuz i wouldn't be able to find my way back without running into something lol. so i took my lip gloss which was right next to my bed and i threw it at the light switch and i turned it off lol it was so funny...guess ya had to be thats my interesting story..

aight im done writing for now im gonna go do something else, probably take a shower and go somewhere...dunno where yet tho, oh well i will figure it i'll write later..

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