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ehh sry i havn't updated in so0 long

just to fill you in, nothing really happened in the begining of my week cuz i got sick i did almost nothin from monday til thursday. uhhh well then friday morning i went to the doctor cuz i wasn't sick ne more but something is fucked up wit my tonsils/throat or whatever. so0 uhh i am goin to sum throat doctor in the hospital tuesday morning. i might get to get my tonsils out finally hehe...thats only a good thing cuz they are always swollen so i've been wanting to get them out for a while...yeah anyways..

uhh so i went home for a lil after that and then went n picked up sam n we went ova mike's house wit chris. we uhh went swimmin n stuff, just chilled, walked up to mcdonalds, went swimmin again after that lol n uhh we finally got outta the pool around 8ish i guess n took a shower n then went to tha movies and saw scooby doo...ehh i didn't like it at all, i woulda rather saw juwana mann or minority report but oh time lol. then mike took us back to sam's around 1 i guess. me n sam were really tired lol so we stayed up a few more hours n went to bed around 4ish and didn't wake up til 2! lol we were gonna go to the mall around 11 lol but that didn't work out, obviously. i left sams around 5 something and came home and just did nothin, i watched a movie but i forget what it was lol im so out of it...but my throat started hurtin bad again so i went to sleep kinda early.

so me n sam were gonna try to go to the mall today, but again, i woke up at like 2! lol wtf! i hate wakin up late, it sucks! uhh but yeah, i gotta go to the mall like tomorrow then cuz i gotta get my dad a bday present n all that stuff cuz his bday is the 26th...he has no idea im gettin him anything cuz everytime hes like 'so yeah, the 26th is comin up' im like 'yeah so is the 25th, 27th, 28th...whats your point?' hehe im gonna surprise him even tho hes bein an ass today, grr its so annoyin when he gets the way he is acting! lol can't stand him right now....but im gettin him the tool n system of a down cd n stuff and im gonna make him breakfast, if i wake up early enough, cuz he wakes up at like 6 we'll see bout that.

uhh and thats really it. i wish i was hungry tho...grr it sucks cuz i havn't been hungry in ova a i eat things like ice cream n applesauce for my throat but really thats it. why am i not hungry?!? lol oh well...i guess i will go take a shower or something, even tho i don't feel like doin ne thing today but oh well...i'll write sometime soon, maybe..

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