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today was pretty cool, i woke up around 2 again tho lol i hate doin that! but uhh i took a shower n had sum cereal even tho i shoulda ate lunch or something. but anyways, uhh, i called saMm to see if we were still goin to tha mall. my popz was supposed to take us but he was all blah from his kidney n all so he said he couldn't drive. it was so0 gay lol. so then i called my bros cell to find out where the hell he was...he was supposed to be home around 3 but he neva came home. so he couldn't pick up sam n take us to tha mall either. hmm soo then mrs monica said she would pick me up and take me home so i was happy lol so she came an we went to tha mall around 6ish. we stayed there til like 9:45. i got three really cute tank tops...ones black and like the bottom is see-thru, one is baby blue, and one is white. they are so0 cute lol but a lil slutty, i wouldn't just wear them normally, i would wear them in like Ocean City or something. uhh i got my dad the 2 CDs he wanted, me n sam could not find the tool CD anywhere, lol we walked to record n tape traders and they didn't have the new one, and then the store in the mall had their new one but its like a string version of it, but if he doesn't like it, he can sell it to record n tape traders n find a version he likes lol. hmmm and i got tha eminem show woo hoo! i heard it was really betta be lol. hmmm so me n sam ate sum chicken n listened to the ppl workin there talk bout weed...i was like you are really lucky its just us here n not lil kids n their parents! lol annnyyywaayyys, thats basically it. i saw britney, n sum other ppl that i havn't seen since school let out. uhhmmmm thats all we did at tha mall...then we went to target n i got a gift bag for my dad n sum other stufffffff...

uhhh then i came home n here i am, typin this b4 i go fix my dads presents up and go to sleep because i have to wake up at like 6 in the freakin mornin for a doctor's appointment for my throat...i hope i can get my tonsils out lol thats gay but i really hope i do lol...

well my dad is bitchin so i will write more tomorrow after i get home ;D

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