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tonsils out in 2 weeks :/

ehhh, i went to see the doc this mornin at 8 and she said i need to get my tonsils and adniods kinda scared cuz im a dork lol. gettin blood drawn just isn't my thing lol and plus everyone says it hurts so bad after u wake up from the operation or whatever. so im just a lil nervous, oh well, i will get ova it..eventually...hmm so im gettin a physical n bloodwork done this monday and then 2 weeks from today, i get my tonsils out lol vernon said she would visit me! lol anyone else? haha...

after the doctor, we went shoppin and i got like five more shirts n three more pairs of shorts lol. hehe i love gettin new clothes...hmm then after that we went n got my dad new readin glasses since the ones he got weren't strong enough lol, his diabeties made his vision get all messed up so he needs glasses til the doctor's fix i gave him a strong pair and was like 'try these' and he did and lol, im lmao..there was a lense missing and hes like 'omg i don't need these, it makes it all lop-sided and blurry in one eye...etc..' and i put them on and started makin fun of i guess it was one of those things where ya had to be there. then he got another pair and wanted to read small print to see if it he turns right to this rack stocked wit pads n starts readin i was like rollin and hes like 'stop makin fun of me'...probably another thing where ya to be there. lol...ok so then after that we went food shoppin and then went to the pharmacy to get my perscriptions filled and now im back home.

i just had lunch and im so0 tired now...i didn't go to sleep til like 4, lol i hate when i have to wake up early and i can't fall asleep at night...i might go take a nap in a lil bit. hehe but i did get to listen to the eminem show like 20 times...woo i love it...well most of it; some songs are gay as offense...

yeah so i gotta make sure tonight that i fix my dads gift up n make him a card...and in the card im puttin 27$ for my cell phone bill when i went ova my min lol woo hoo responsible not at all...i wonder what my brother is gettin him...hmm...

ok well no im gonna go, probably try to sleep even tho the only place i can sleep during the day is in my basement and since my brother is home i can't sleep down there ne more lol grrr...oh well i will think of something...i'll write later...

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