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so0o0o0o sick!

hmmm so i have been sick for like 2 days like i couldn't move n my fever was reallyyyy high so i went to the doctor today n found out i have lyme disease! ahhh this sucks so i just have to take like all this medicine n it should go away. i dunno how i got a tick either..cuz i have been pretty sick from my tonsils recently so its not like i went outside a lot. it was probably from my dog cuz she goes outside n brings in all this shit lol. ahh and my tempature was 105.5 today i was like damn! i thought u like die when its at 107, guess not. hmm yeah so thats pretty much my week...i have a physical on monday n they are gonna do bloodwork n all that shit grrr im sucha pussy im scared bout gettin my tonsils out oh well i will get ova it.

just thought i would write cuz im probably not gonna write for a while cuz i don't think i will well enough to get on for a lil while.
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