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...just another summer day...

today was pretty boring, nothin really interesting happened. i woke up around 1 and just chilled for a while. then took a shower, got ready n went to pick up my doggie from the groomer place. i swear, she is the dumbest dog but shes so0 cute lol. she wouldn't get in the back of the car so i got in the back so she would...and she finally jumps right on top of me and like lays down im shes so cute. and when we got home, she wouldn't get out of the car lol aw she was scared to jump down. and shes too heavy to pick up cuz shes a big ass dog i just pulled her down lol.

then uhh i ate n went back out to return the tool cd i got my dad for his bday. they actually had the cd he wanted so i just bought that, it was like 20 bucks lol shits expensive. uhh then i went into best buy cuz i was lookin for diggs...he might work there and i havn't seen his ass in so0 long so i'm hopin i run into him 'accidently' lmao. there was this hot ass guy there too...he looked like im thinkin it coulda been Trey...i neva met him but lotsa ppl say he looks just like usher n steph said she saw him at best buy wit Diggz so i really think that was him. i saw a stearo system i wanted lol wit a 60 disk cd changer woo and hopefully we are gettin a bigger tv soon, dunno how big tho...oh well...

then i went driving and then i came home...and thats really it. n now im here...i miss vernon n mike...they both went to camps...vernon comes back this weekend n mike comes back like next weekend...ehh they were the ppl i spend talking to on the phone the most so i've been talking to other ppl more but i miss them! lol oh well! its just different not talking to vernon...cuz we normally talk so much lol...ehh...

well im off to take my medicine n change into my PJs lol. yay im doin so much better than i was last time i wrote...i even got my blood drawn monday and it didn't hurt that bad! woo hoo lol i thought it would be so much worse than it was..but it wasn't, so thats i just gotta wait til tuesday to get my tonsils out...i gotta be there at like 6:30 in tha mornin! lol thats so damn early! oh well...o0o0o and guess what! im most likly gettin my ears piecred this weekend lol FINALLY! woo hoo so im happy...aight now im gonna go byeee!!

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