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got my tonsils out this mornin..."surgery" or whateva..

about my surgery..sorry if its long, just pretty detailed i guess lol..

omg today sucked so0 much i woke up around 5, took a shower, got ready and left for tha hospital...i got there and didn't have to wait too long, there was a lil boy in front of me he had sum emergency n needed to get surgery from the guy who was doin uhh i went back n they 'preped' me lol hadda take off all my clothes...i was like uhh can i leave my shorts on? cuz they don't have to monitors n stuff there but they said no...haha so then i put on the lil gown, footies, and cute lil hat...haha it was a kodak moment...anyways, just waited in the lil room for a while n like 20 nurses came in and they all asked the same questions lol but they were nice so it was okay. then i got my IV in, wasn't too bad...then my doctor came in and told me bout sum stuff and then the anstegologist....that is spelled SO wrong lol...and he told me what he would be doin n all that stuff...uh then a lil while later one of the nurses walked me back into this bright white room lol and i layed down on the table n they put sum monitors on my chest n what then they said they were giving me sum medicine thru the IV that would relax me and make me giggly and right when they said that i just busted out laughin lol so after i stoped laughin they put the oxygen thing over me and just told me to breathe in sum oxygen and next thing i knew i woke up in the recovery room...haha like shakin(kinda like convulsions but not exactly) and crying they gave me sum medicine to stop the shaking and i stoped crying and then my daddy came in and we just sat there for a while n i had 2 ice pops n a glass of applejuice...and they were like why don't u try to sleep and i was like ok since i was really tired and this lil boy would not stop screamin n crying so i was like uhhh i guess im ready to go home lol so i left around 11 something and i got to ride in a wheel chair! haha but the nurse said she had to help me change into my clothes and i was like no, i can do it by myself and shes like well i have to help you and i was like grrr fine! lol so that was akward but whatever, im not gonna see her again so oh well lol...then i got wheeled out to my daddy's car n we stoped and got prescriptions filled on the way home, ones a pain killer and ones my antibiotics for lyme disease..we got it in liquid form cuz i can't fuckin eat anything lol RAWR! im so hungry right now! so then i came home, called krista cuz she left me a nice messgae :) talked to her for like a min and then sam called to leave me a message but i picked up and i sound SOOO fucked up haha its funny so i talked to her for like 10 min then i had to go cuz my throat hurt n im not supposed to be talking and everything. so yeah, i just ate sum ice pops and italian ice, i'll probably get a snowball tomorrow and go walkin with my dad so i can get out n do something and then i wanna go see a movie so im gonna make him do that probably friday. damn this shit is long! ohh but i did cry today when i got home, and it wasn't so much from the pain, but i just wanted to eat the mac n cheese n i couldn't and everytime i took a bite it would hurt and i was so hungry so i just looked at it and cried and had another ice pop lol grrr! ok im gonna end this cuz if you actually did read it...your probably tired of hearing me ramble! hehe ok i will write some other time then bye bye bye

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