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good news :-)

Sorry I havn't written in a while, I really havn't been online long enough to write, or I when I was, I just didn't feel like it lol but I will now. Hmm actually i've spent my time doing basically nothing, it's pretty boring but I will just update you on the boringness :D

The week after I got my tonsils out it sucked so much, I didn't think it was gonna hurt so wasn't too bad tho cuz it only hurt when I swallowed...but that pain was ehh, I don't mean to sound like a pussy or whateva, but it was kinda almost unbeartable. I couldn't eat, drink, or take my medicine so on Sunday morning(like 3:30am) I went back to the hospital so they could get sum fluids in me, give me medicine while I was there to take away the pain and give me a different medicine to take home with me that actually worked cuz the other stuff, when I did take it, did nothing. The reason why swallowing hurt so bad was cuz that lil hangy thing in the back of my throat(the uvula) was swollen lol so they gave me medicine to reduce the swelling too. uhh and since then, i've been getting better and I can talk now and all that stuff. But I have a really bad craving for oreos and i can't have those for like another week :( oh well...

Umm basically this week I havn't done anything much, had a doctor's appt. monday and I have another one tomorrow(well today, technically). Ummm but yeah, I'm practically better from lyme disease n all now so I can probably start goin out n hangin with friends again :) It's been sooo boring not doin that lol.

And I'm soo happy cuz Krista called me today and invited me to go to OC with her for a week, we're gonna be leaving the 26th n I can't wait lol I just had a dream bout Ocean City like a couple nights ago too haha. But Krista is leaving tomorrow to go to the ocean with Lauren, and they are staying til next Saturday I think...And then Krista's mom is goin next Friday so it overlaps..And Krista wants to bring a friend with her for that week so I'm gonna drive down with her mom on friday, so that's cool. I can't wait, it's gonna be sooo funn :)

My brother came home from OC today unexpectedly. So that was cool. haha he told me sum pretty funny/crazy stories bout him n his friends from down there. Hes got a fake ID haha he showed it to me when I went down there with Krista and Lauren...cuz he'll be 21 in September, so for now he can't get it leagally...even tho hes getting it lol. My bro's cool hehe I'm sure I'll visit him when I go to OC with Krista.

Ummm that's really it..pretty boring huh? lol oh well, maybe I'll have sum good stuff to write about when my summer starts getting good cuz it has sucked really bad so far since i've been sick with all this shit...hehe so I can't wait for me to actually start enjoying it lol..haha well I'm off to bed..I'll write some other time, it may not be soon, but what do you care? hehe byeee..

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