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last day of school

im so happy! today was FINALLY the last day of school...its so great. it kinda sucked tho cuz we only had two classes and they were both exams and i wanted to see ppl in all my classes but oh well. im glad its over tho...but damn, i got sick last night and this morning! wtf lol i always get sick...i have the weakest immune system! lol and my stupid fuckin allergies, i swear, during the exams i wanted to die cuz i needed a tissue literally every second and i couldn't concentrate and i kept sneezing and ppl were like 'stop sneezing!' lol i sneezed like 10 times in a row one time haha ppl got tired of sayin 'bless you'. and i took two of my allergy medicines and im only supposed to take one lol but i took one allegra and one zyrtec...hehe i mixed medicine...but it did absolutly nothing...its not like the counteracted each other so wtf! lol why didn't they work!anyways, so now im sick...haha not goin to go into details cuz u will get grossed out...ewww..

i wanted to do something tonight too! lol and now i can't cuz im fuckin sick! damn and i have taken like 10 pills since i got home...i dunno wtf is wrong with me but i feel like shit...anyways thats enough complaining for one entry lol..

i dunno what im doin this weekend, i have plans but who knows if i can actually like go swimming or walk around for a long time haha i am so pitiful...i hope i feel better when i wake up so i can actually get up n do shit lol

this summer is gonna suck cuz my dad is gonna be home! and he can't get back into working cuz hes really hes gonna be home all the time, like me...and its not even like hes gonna give me rides places cuz hes sick...damn lol its like a lose/lose situation cuz we are gonna get so sick of each other lol

and i owe over 50 dollars cuz i lost 2 books! lol i gotta find em cuz i really don't feel like paying that and im not gonna make my dad pay it for me cuz im tryin to make him see that im responsible...i already am pretty responsible but hes fuckin dumb when it comes to that lol..anyways, he'll be like 'no ur not responsible cuz u shouldn't have lost the books in the first place' haha so once again, theres no winning here...thats kinda like the time me n my bro went over our minutes for our cells...cuz we have a family plan and me n my dad n bro share 500 min for weekdays n 3500 for nights and weekends...well i used up like 200 min one month, and that just happened to be the month my bro used up over we had to was like a 40$ bill...and I paid for it...haha thats right, carrie, with no job/income paid for it...cuz my bro wouldn't and he has a damn job! lol not fair but i did it without even bein asked cuz my bro wouldn't pay for it...but i thought it was responsible, but of course it wasn't cuz i shouldn't have used 200 anyways, so i get all these lectures and next time i use that much i get my phone taken away! wtf! lol not fair! and he calls my bro responsible! lol its so unfair! lol ok enough rambling cuz this entry is probably long as ima go and not bore you anymore...i'll write tomorrow or something!


oh, and COMMENT ME! lol i love gettin random comments...and if ya want an icon...COMMENT ME! lol i wanna make sum for ppl and i only got like 8 days left to have animation shop...oh and don't ask me to help you with your lj layout cuz i am lj-retarded! i have no clue what to do...i did NOT do my own layout lol so sorry, i would help if i could..but haha, yeah right im not that clever lol...
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