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today was my dad's birthday so i gave him his present when i woke up n stuff...we have to return the tool cd tho cuz i got him tha wrong one hehe i was bein rushed cuz the store was about to close so i just grabbed one that had 'schism' on it and ran lol but i got this like string version of the cd..its like a tribute to tool by a different band or something lol. so uhh yeah, gotta return that and get the right one.

my brother left back to Ocean City today a lil after i woke up...he got my dad his windows tinted on his car so thats cool...

hmm so then i took a shower n went over to mike's house around 6:30 and stayed there til like 11ish or something. we just hung out, went swimmin, got snowballs n watched rush hour 2 and then i left. mike cooked dinner, lmao...and he even set the table for his mom, dad n sister who weren't home and then we went outside for a second n came back inside, and his dog had eaten to plates of food he gave him mom a new plate and didn't change his sister' it was mean...but oh well...yeah thats really it.

so noww im just gonna go watch sum tv n call steph or something...i'll write tomorrow or something..

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